Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Decorative Wall Panels

I have been creating larger scale decorative metal wall hangings for some time now but recently these really seem to have taken off! I'm not sure if it's down to the colours being particularly popular at the moment or that people are increasingly looking for something that little bit different.

These pieces certainly are 'different' as each individual section is created as a 'one-off', a small scale 'picture' which when added to others develops a intricate overall design. These panels could be an alternative to a painting or just something interesting to fill a narrow space. In our increasingly full houses sometimes we only have a narrow space left!

I'm looking forward to developing this work further in the New Year. Currently I have a waiting list for pieces which I am endevouring to get produced in time for Christmas!

Red & Gold Heated treated copper & brass
Medium size approx 45cm long
Long size approx 90cm long

Bronzed finish copper & brass

Medium size approx 60cm long

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Ram N said...

Good Design of Decorative Wall Panels

Thanks for sharing