Saturday, 31 October 2009

Old pictures...

Just been doing some work avoidance & discovered via somebody else's blog...can't remember who unfortunately...! this fab Japanese site where you can upload photos & they make them old stylie like these! The site you need is
Have fun!!!


I did my pumpkin last night in preparation!
Still working on the Welsh Animal Alphabet greetings cards...
This batty design is most appropriate for today!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Groovy Reindeer!

Just had some new arrivals at the studio!

Couldn't resist these handmade reindeer...rather rustic made from logs & twigs they could be displayed inside or out. I think a pair would look lovely outside the front door?

Each one is slightly different & could be used again & again... you could even use holly for the antlers? They are quite tall at about 100cm.

Hookshouse pictures...

Just a few pictures of the Hookshouse exhibition I took during set up on Thursday afternoon....

Mine & Penny's display...busy as usual!!

Some of Chris's fab tall striped pots..

More of Chris's work

Lovely basket work by Norah Kennedy. I've reserved one of the angels already!!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Showing Off Event this weekend!

Just a quickie as I should have left the studio by now.............!
I'm showing in Ludlow this Saturday & Sunday with the Shropshire Guild & the Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen.
The fair is taking place at the Harley Centre,
Ludlow College in Ludlow just off the Castle Square.
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm
It should be a good quality event & a chance to start that Christmas shopping for some unique gifts.
The studio will still be open at Bransford as Tim is working there!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hookshouse Pottery : Exhibitions

I'm just finishing off sorting out the work I'm going to take to display at Hookshouse Pottery tomorrow. I have shown at this great little venue on several occasions over the post few years & it is lovely to have been asked to take part once again. I won't be there myself has Chris White looks after the work throughout the show.

Next Exhibition – ‘Hand and Eye’ - October 2009

Autumn has come round again, and we have another fine collection of work for you to enjoy. Our new exhibitors include Pamela Griffiths, with paintings of Languedoc, Pembrokeshire and the Stroud valleys, and Ian Shearman with his wonderful seascapes. Jane Smith’s sensitive creations from wood and bark are new to us too.

Old favourites Sharon McSwiney and Penny Williams will be bringing us more of their imaginative and smile-inducing metal jewellery, clocks and hangings, and the ever popular baskets of Norah Kennedy will be on show again. Wendy Batt returns with more of her prints, much enjoyed on her first visit last spring, and Terry Devereux is back after a long break with some superb studies of Venice. We also have more of Anne Rogers’ felt, simply the best there is around!

The following is a full list of exhibitors:

Wendy Batt – prints
Terry Devereux – paintings
Pamela Griffiths – paintings
Norah Kennedy – baskets
Sharon McSwiney & Penny Williams – metalwork
Anne Rogers – felt
Ian Shearman – paintings
Jane Smith –wood and bark
Christopher White – stoneware pots

I hadn't made any of my mermaid brooches for a while & after a few requests at recent shows I thought I'd make some again....
These are in the copper finish & measure approx 10cm in length.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pet on a Postcard!

Sue Lim at Blue Ginger is once again inviting entries, as part of The Big Draw, for a community exhibition to be held at the gallery 14th - 25th October.
We're a bit late with ours but Sue said it's OK!

Basically you can bid for the mini works of art during the exhibition & there's a special evening on 24th October 6 - 9pm at Blue Ginger, Home End Farm, Cradley WR13 5NW.

All money received will be donated to Acorns Children's Hospice.

The background for my metal cat was printed using one of my etched pieces - I rather like the effect.... I might experiment further using some of the other designs.

This is Tim's entry....

& Sarah's.....

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Large Commission piece

This large picture has just been collected this morning! A customer had bought some of the small block pictures a while ago & wanted a larger piece in the same colours. This one is 90cm x 55cm which heat coloured brass & copper on a deep red painted background.

I couldn't get the lighting right on these this morning so the colour is a little off but it gives you the idea!!! Obviously I can make these pictures in sizes to suit & paint the colours to co-ordinate with your interior decor.
So now I have today & tomorrow to continue making panels & pictures to deliver to The Gallery Upstairs in Henley in Arden on Monday hopefully......then off to Tetbury on Thursday to Hookshouse Pottery....and Ludlow on Friday to set up Showing Off...phew!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's all a bit frantic at the studio at the moment! I'm trying to make as many metalwork panels & pictures as possible for next week as I have 2 events booked for the weekend, plus a delivery for an exhibition.
On the list of things to do also are Christmas cards.....
These are some of the metalwork designs I'm doing this year. I'm mounting them as with my other cards on window mounts on smaller size cards. They will be approx 10cm x 10cm cards in red, green or cream. Priced at £3 each. I am producing some of the designs in etched copper in addition to the usual etched brass.
There should be a selection out in the studio by this weekend!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cornish inspiration again.....

Got back from another lovely visit to Cornwall on Friday night. Once again took loads of photos but considering how many times we've been I notice different things every time! These are a small selection of some of my favourites at the moment................