Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More Buttons.....

Although I was rather sloth like on Sunday I did manage to finish stitching my green & blue buttons onto labels to complete another picture. In addition to the more subtle colours of the first collection completed last year, I wanted to do further selections of my favourite buttons! So I now have arrangements of pink/red/orange hues plus the green/blue/turquoise versions.
Some of the buttons I remember from particular coats & jackets belonging to my gran.
I think the rest of Gran's buttons will stay in the tins until I come up with another idea!! Although I have now started my own tin - it may take some years to have enough to create anything with them?

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ArtShades said...

Wow, Sharon you have been productive! I've achieved so little in comparison because snow + boys off school = sledging. And very little else! Sarahx