Thursday, 14 January 2010

New jewellery designs

So yesterday I was at home again...managed not to get distracted by Ebay & did designs for some new pieces of jewellery. I'd had some rough sketches done for a while but have now finalised the designs a bit more. I find the pieces develop as you start to make them up in metal so I'm never completely sure of the final design.

I think these creatures will fit into my current ranges quite well. Frogs always seem to be a popular motif & the squirrel is just a bit bonkers! I thought the swan would be good for Worcester as we have so many on the river here. These will all be brooches but I'll also make the smaller frog design as earrings. I plan to make the puffin which I did in the autumn last year as a larger version for a brooch as I've had a couple of requests.

Watch this space for further developments....I plan to start the metal versions today.

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ArtShades said...

So great to see those little doodles from Pershore turn into such beautiful creatures. Looking forward to the metal versions.... Sarah x