Monday, 18 January 2010

Torquil Pottery Workshop

I had a great day on Saturday taking part in a ceramics workshop at Torquil Pottery in Henley in Arden. I had booked the course as a Christmas present to myself. I thought working with clay would make a nice change from hard metal surfaces! I was most interested in the work of Jayne Lucas (who I stock in the studio). She uses something called paper clay which is basically a paper pulp mixed with a powder clay, then mixed with water. The paper obviously burns off during firing. The mixture gives great flexibility to the material.

The first piece I made was a 2D bird plaque inspired by Lisa Larson. I used some of my etched metal pieces to create patterns in the paper clay surface.

Then I surprised myself by doing some 3D vessels! With these pieces I have embossed the patterns into the paper clay surface before rolling the piece up to form a cylinder. I then 'squashed' it to make more of an oval shape & attached a base.

So these are being left to dry for a week & then next Saturday we will decorate the pieces with glazes! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished results....

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