Wednesday, 31 March 2010

PRINTING DAY with Sue Brown

Finally got around to printing from the pieces I made back in January with Sue Brown. I'm really pleased with the textures & colours achieved although my finger nails are still black!!
These prints are made using viscosity inking which Sue demonstrated to me really well in her lovely garden studio in Cheltenham on Monday.

These are the actual 'plates' made from card & textured wallpapers, tile cement etc. I'm definatley going to frame these up when they are completly dry.



  • 1st - 30th Malvern Library Craft Cases WGDC display
  • 17th Cheltenham Art Market


  • 6th - 9th Spring Garden Show Malvern WGDC
  • 15th Cheltenham Art Market


  • 11th - 13th Contemporary Craft Fair Bovey Tracey
  • 19th Cheltenham Art Market


  • 15th - 18th Art in Action


  • 21st Cheltenham Art Market


  • 11th Hereford Art Market
  • 18th Cheltenham Art Market
  • 25th - 26th Autumn Show Malvern


  • 16th - 17th Landmark Arts Fair
  • 23rd - 24th Cotswold Art Studio workshop


  • 13th - 14th South Hill Park OR Hereford Contemporary TBC
  • 26th - 29th Clay Barn exhibition


  • 4th - 5th Blackthorpe Barn Craft Fair
  • 11th Hereford Arts Market
  • 18th Cheltenham Arts Market

Rushwick Primary School Project

Yesterday I delivered the finished piece I've been working on with some of the pupils from Rushwick Primary School, just down the road from the studio.

I was approached by the art teacher (who has several pieces of my jewellery!) to see if I would be interested in creating a piece with some of the more artistic children. Having not done anything like this before I was unsure as to what the pupils would be able to do as far as the making side of things went. I initially visited the school & chatted to the group then got them doing some sketch ideas for what they would like to have recreated in metalwork. They then had a further couple of sessions with the teacher who then supplied me with designs from which to work.

I saw pierced out a lot of the shapes & then soldered onto either copper or brass squares. I then had a further period with the pupils who took great delight in hammering & texturing the pieces to add finer details to the pieces.

After a last re-heat to obtain the best colours I've varnished the plaques & mounted onto a back board. This will hang on permanent display in the school reception.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Latest Greetings card designs

These are the designs I posted earlier on now produced in metal.

They work really well on the new format of smaller greetings cards as it makes the motifs look more precious. They will all be available via my online shop which I've been working on today! This should be sorted very soon....

Jewellery for the walls....

Last weekend I finally finished a large metalwork piece which had been commissioned by a very good customer. The motifs were inspired by some furnishing fabric they had supplied as a starting point. The main body of the piece was constructed from copper rods with applied copper leaves & brass details. Saw piercing, embossing & stamping added the decorative details & the final finish on the metal was a bronzing solution giving a burnished effect.

Sketch idea...... then leaves cut ready

First section soldered

The completed wall piece measures approx 90cm x 60cm

Although it can be a challenge when asked to produce something different from your normal work, I enjoyed making this piece & I'm happy with the end result. I'd like to develop this freer style in my metalwork further when I get the opportunity.


At last I think I'm back.....?

There will be no stopping me now after nearly a month of not being able to do anything I have lots of info to post! Thanks to Techno Tim!

First of all these are some of my new jewellery pieces....
I've been quite busy the past month honest!

Monday, 29 March 2010

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Blog problems

Hello there.....

As some of you will be aware there are some issues at present with those of us who publish our blogs via FTP - I'm not sure what it's all about but Techno Tim my computer guy says from 26th March I'll no longer be able to publish my existing blog & we'll have to copy it over & archive the old stuff?

As I have just tried to put some pictures on of my new card designs with no success I may well go a bit quiet on the blog front until it's all sorted??

I have just set up a Facebook account so will keep that up to date....there are the new cards on there plus lots of my Caribbean pics!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Felix & Tim the new arrivals

Yesterday we visited Danemere Animal Rescue near Droitwich 'just to have a look' at the cats available.....

We can home a couple of hours later with 2 more cats!!!!!

Both of them had been in the wars & are minus a leg each...they had been attacked by dogs in seperate incidents. The rescue centre wanted them to be homed together so we brought them home with us!

Felix - he's not too sure about it yet! He's 18 months - 2 yrs old a real softie but slightly freaked out at the moment

This is Tim - who we'll have to refer to as Timmy otherwise Tim (hubbie) will get confused! He's about 8 - 10 months old & very playful & affectionate.

Beautiful Taboo is sulking a little as she is not sure who these 2 new fellas are! We are hoping they will become friends eventually.....?

The Danemere Animal Rescue centre was great & they were so pleased we could give Felix & Tim a home. They have lots of dogs for rehoming to & sometimes rabbits. I think we need to stop now though as 3 cats & a large bunny is probably enough!!