Monday, 1 March 2010

Felix & Tim the new arrivals

Yesterday we visited Danemere Animal Rescue near Droitwich 'just to have a look' at the cats available.....

We can home a couple of hours later with 2 more cats!!!!!

Both of them had been in the wars & are minus a leg each...they had been attacked by dogs in seperate incidents. The rescue centre wanted them to be homed together so we brought them home with us!

Felix - he's not too sure about it yet! He's 18 months - 2 yrs old a real softie but slightly freaked out at the moment

This is Tim - who we'll have to refer to as Timmy otherwise Tim (hubbie) will get confused! He's about 8 - 10 months old & very playful & affectionate.

Beautiful Taboo is sulking a little as she is not sure who these 2 new fellas are! We are hoping they will become friends eventually.....?

The Danemere Animal Rescue centre was great & they were so pleased we could give Felix & Tim a home. They have lots of dogs for rehoming to & sometimes rabbits. I think we need to stop now though as 3 cats & a large bunny is probably enough!!


Alexandra Mason said...

love your new arrivals :) i would love another cat! xx

Hannah said...

hiya sharon, hope the kitties are doing well :0)
just so you know i've awarded your lovely blog with the 'sunshine award'! you can find out more about the award over on my blog pages ;0) han x