Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rushwick Primary School Project

Yesterday I delivered the finished piece I've been working on with some of the pupils from Rushwick Primary School, just down the road from the studio.

I was approached by the art teacher (who has several pieces of my jewellery!) to see if I would be interested in creating a piece with some of the more artistic children. Having not done anything like this before I was unsure as to what the pupils would be able to do as far as the making side of things went. I initially visited the school & chatted to the group then got them doing some sketch ideas for what they would like to have recreated in metalwork. They then had a further couple of sessions with the teacher who then supplied me with designs from which to work.

I saw pierced out a lot of the shapes & then soldered onto either copper or brass squares. I then had a further period with the pupils who took great delight in hammering & texturing the pieces to add finer details to the pieces.

After a last re-heat to obtain the best colours I've varnished the plaques & mounted onto a back board. This will hang on permanent display in the school reception.

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Lynda Howells said...

gorgeous workx l love doing residencies in look as if you enjoyed itx lynda