Tuesday, 22 June 2010


In 2008/9 I was lucky enough to be involved in an 'altered book' project with several other artists - check out the old posts.
We started again in January this year. The only difference this time is you only have to complete 2 pages of the book. You can do more if you desire and or time allows. I've struggled on the time front for some reason however these are 2 of my recent 'alterations'....

On these pages I have used some lino cuts I did a while ago.
April/May 2010

The giant rabbit is a photocopy on acetate of one of my bunny brooches.

The 'book' has actually been created from an old map - a lovely idea!

June/July 2010

I did scan the pages from the 1st book (which will be returned to me in Feb 2011) - when I have located these images I'll post them on the blog!

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