Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Creative Play - Enamels

I had a fab day yesterday with friend & artist Sue Brown at her studio in Cheltenham. She has recently been experimenting with enamels rather than printmaking, which is her usual discipline, & has a small kiln of her own which I was able to use ( a little warm yesterday!).
I've never worked with enamel before as when I was studying for my degree there was no tutor to teach the skills required!
It was lovely to have a little go with Sue's help, inspiration & knowledge! I'd taken some of my etched copper pieces along with me so I had a starting point. I think I'll like to just use plain pieces of copper next time (here's hoping there will be a next time!?) & create more random patterns?


Hannah said...

ohhh..they turned out really well, love the bottom one xx

Sue Brown said...

Of course there will be a next time...great to see you, looking forward to playing in your studio next.


lauren carney said...

i must say your blog is incredible!
your fancy pictures are the best!
i am immensely impressed!
x x

sar said...

beautiful x