Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Acorn cups

On Sunday I finally got around to doing something with the cute acorn cups I had collected from friend Rachelle's garden back in October! I was inspired by a picture she had made from lots of the little cups framed together....so I set about creating my own using some wood glue & an ikea box frame! A bit of a fiddle but I love the way each one has it's own variation in size & colour. Groups of items always appeal to me...I've made shell versions in the past & it's a good excuse to go out collecting bits & pieces for future collages.


Hannah said...

fab idea, really effective :0) they look great!

Rachel Heard said...

Lovely artwork...don't suppose you have any spare acorn cups that you would be willing to sell to me?

I am looking for about 40 for a project this Christmas...can I find an oak tree???! No!!!

Would be grateful, if you have x

Best wishes,

Rachel x