Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Creative Play SHOES!

I've had a fab indulgent day with my creative chums again...

making little shoes with Jo Dewar & Sarah Walker in a lovely sunny studio.

Once again Jo was a great tutor, explaining carefully the process of cutting your template & selecting the right sort of papers.

My first attempt was supposed to be easier because of the larger scale (approx 11cm long) but the gorgeous fuchsia pink paper I picked with slighter heavier which made it more tricky to glue. However I managed in the end. When I moved on to the smaller versions(6.5cm long), using a lighter weight paper, it was a fiddle but enjoyable!

Decorated with sequins & buttons

I had a lot of help from Jo to make the wire flower for the big pink slipper!

My plan this evening is to make another large shoe using some Orla Kiely wrapping paper.....

1 comment:

Carrie said...

They're lovely. Particularly like the little pointy toed ones. Wouldn't mind a go at this myself!