Monday, 23 May 2011

Vale Arts Trail

Had a lovely day today....

visited a couple of the artists taking part in the Vale Arts Trail (we had intended to visit more but after a huge lunch we rather ran out of stream!)

The first studio was exhibiting the work of Leigh Charman in Conderton (never been to village before - very pretty Cotswold Stone buildings). We had just bought one of Leigh's prints via the Worcester Arts workshop but had not met Leigh before. He was very welcoming & it was fab to be able to watch the birds in his beautiful garden, including a rather splendid Mr Pheasant with one of his female admirers! We got very close to some of the feathered visitors as there was a green finch inside the studio which we set free when we arrived!

I can feel a collection coming on as now we also have 'The Visit' on our wall & rather fancy 'Where's George' next..... just as well The Lilac Gallery is open at other times too.

The Visit

In a Beautiful Place

Our next visit was just down the road to see Toff Milway's pottery studio. WOW! What an amazing setting - stunning. Again Toff was extremely welcoming & let us 'rummage though his cupboards & drawers' which felt very naughty....but we found the super little faceted dish hidden at the back of one such place.

The small plate with the leaf pattern appealed staright away...I'd really like the large version but this one will keep me going for now!

Conderton Pottery is open all year not just during the trail so I think we will be visiting again.

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