Saturday, 28 April 2012


Birdie hangings to make...
 Garden sticks to solder....
 Little bit of jewellery to do.....
Greetings cards to complete

More soldering to do....

Friday, 27 April 2012

Lovely day...with Murgatroyd & Bean

I've had such a lovely time today.....making a little bird brooch with Kathleen in Cafe Salvation at Posterity.  Met some very creative & interesting people there too...did a bit of stitching (quite a novelty for me) & had a fab lunch!
Looking forward to the next one.....!

 Gorgeous coloured threads....
A blank canvas!

 Some examples of various stitches done by Kathleen

My little go at some of the stiches.....

 Selected colours to make the bird & cut out using templates

My slightly rushed finished brooch

 Some of the other examples...almost finished!
Super cafe with delicious food yum!

 Beautiful tiles in the cafe

Even a resident duck sitting on her nest!

What a great way to spend a few hours...conversation & creativity.
Thanks Kathleen :-)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Studio closed on Friday

Thought I should let you know I'm off on another jolly tomorrow with fellow creative
Kathleen Murphy of Murgatroyd & Bean.
I'm taking part in a workshop at Posterity (another new place for me to visit) near Ledbury. 
 In theory I'm going to be making a little bird brooch but as my sewing skills are limited we'll see what the results are...what this space!

So unfortunately my studio at The Fold will be closed this Friday 27th April but open again as usual on Saturday!

Murgatroyd & Bean's lovely birdies 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quantum Leap & Shrewsbury

On my visit to see the Dionne Swift exhibition mentioned in my last post I also found Shrewsbury to be a really interesting place to visit too! I've never been before (don't know why) & hadn't realised about the Darwin connection either.  When I spotted this amazing sculpture along the riverbank I was quite excited!  I think it's beautiful...
I've found out since a little about the piece which is called: Quantum Leap & you can read & see more here
  • Quantum Leap was unveiled in Mardol Quay Gardens, Shrewsbury to mark Darwin’s bicentenary in 2009. The sculpture represents Darwin’s ground breaking scientific ideas and his impact on the scientific world.
Designed by Pearce & Lal, the sculpture is an impressive 12 metres high and 17.5 metres long, weighing in at more than 100 tonnes

This is part of the Darwin Gate...

The Darwin Gate is a relatively new addition to the town. It is a piece of modern, public art created by Renn & thacker and it is located at Mardol Head.
The gate acts as the start and finish point for the Darwin walk around Shrewsbury.
The gate was opened by Councillor Miles Kenny (the Mayor of Shrewsbury) during a public unveiling in November 2004.

Lots of interesting patterns & textures on the buildings around Shrewsbury...
think a longer little weekend visit in the near future!?

Dionne Swift New Grounds Exhibition

I've done quite well for inspirational visits this month!
Yesterday I managed to catch the last day of the Dionne Swift 'New Grounds' exhibition at
Gateway Gallery3 in Shrewsbury. I only recently discovered Dionne's work while visiting The Beetroot Tree Gallery so really wanted to see more of her work.


 Loving the feather like quality of the fabrics...

I'd like to own one of these felt pieces one day!

Greetings cards

I'm in the process of getting a new leaflet produced...
& I needed some images of the greetings cards.
These are some of my current ranges:

Tall occassion cards

Occasion & Triple cards

Metalwork everyday

Alphabet Animals

Vintage Animals