Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Joy of Making Exhibition

The other day me & my creative chums went off on a jolly to see 'The Joy of Making' exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.  I had not been to the gallery for about 10 years & must say I was pretty impressed! (Great cafe too...)
The exhibition was about 'celebrating traditional & contemporary handcrafted objects'.  For me the most exciting pieces were the laser cut vessels by artist Helen Snell.  These 50+ pieces had been inspired by the Polish paper cuts from the gallery's collection.
The exhibition continues only until 14th April - so if you get the chance go see it over Easter! 
Gallery information here:

 The reflections in the glossy black surface were amazing....

This was some of the folk art inspiration....
Frustratingly my camera battery then ran out so I had to take further pics on my phone - I'll post some of those too in a while!

Loved the textures on these little ceramic drawers in the sculpture gallery too.

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