Friday, 17 August 2012

Fox's Road Trip - Paul O'Leary

This morning I made a speedy visit to the Worcester Arts Workshop to see
 'Fox's Road Trip' an exhibition of Paul O'Leary's work.  The oil paintings & illustrations are from his new book. I love the detail in the pictures & of course the fox ( I had decided to wear my foxy pendant & dress this morning quite by accident!)

The exhibition finishes tomorrow so catch it quick!!!!
Fox and Kipper camping
Oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm
Fox & sam at the shops
Oil on canvas
91cm x 61cm

Fox at the beach hut
Oil on canvas
141cm x 87.5cm

 Fox at the barbers
Oil on canvas
110.5cm x 69.5cm

Fox on the train
Oil on canvas
122cm x 82cm

Paul's artist statement:

My work stems from a printmaking background, and I always strive to create paintings using printmakers thought process. My preference is to work with oils developing multiple layers of paint, whether that be varnish, oils or encaustic wax to create different surfaces.
I see myself as the fox as me in the paintings, and use him to express my experiences and feelings in everyday life whether that be positive or negative. I try to add humour and emotion into my work, by creating a visual narrative for the viewer to explore.
I am inspired by my travels, childhood recollections, relationships and the present day. I begin my pieces by undertaking sketch work or storyboards drawings, and I know when my work is finished when I paint the fox's whiskers.

My foxy fabric on my dress today...

Foxy pendant too!

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