Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Prema visit

Yesterday because of the rain our planned trip to Birmingham was postponed...looking at the forecast it seemed that further south may have been a little drier so off we went!  We've never been to Prema before, I had heard of the venue as friend Sarah Roberts had a show there some time ago.
What a lovely place!!!
A huge exhibition area upstairs where they hold music & theatre events too, another space for exhibitions & the fabulous 'Gift Dresser' (some purchases were made!), but what made the place really special was the excellent cafe area - again artwork on the walls, comfy sofas & super Lemon polenta cake/carrot cake plus coffee. 

This is the work of Beci Whatley whose work as been described as 'aboriginal style bling' quite  apt I reckon.....

This is the work of Anya Keeley also on display...love the animals!

                       This little dormouse came home to live with us....
                       made by Imogen Harvey-Lewis the resident artist at Prema.

The artwork on the Art Cafe's walls is by Simon David Mills...Tim loving the Cornish Beards & the cake!

You can even make music.....

A really creative & inspiring place to visit the current exhibitions continue until 21st October.  We've noticed that the next show includes the work of Jane Ormes so we'll definitely be visiting again....!

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Gill said...

I went to see this exhibition on Wednesday! Prema is a gem of a find! Their coffee is good too!