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The H Art festival – The artists market part 1

Hello all!
Welcome back again. The Herefordian weather has not been kind to us at all lately, so it’s good to sit in the warm office, drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about the events that took place last month. September has been very busy and we absolutely loved it. You should know us by now: if something is happening nearby, we are either at the centre of things or we are the ones organizing it! The h.Art was, of course, no exception. Mal and Rita went everywhere, took a lot of pictures, befriended many of the local artists and wrote this little report in case you have missed all the fun. We are sorry, we have no souvenirs or lousy t-shirts for ya, just a great deal of high quality memories we will gladly share with you for free!
The official logo of the h.Art festival
You can ask what exactly the h.Art festival is. In their own words, this is “an annual showcase aimed at promoting the large number and wide variety of artists and craft makers working in the region”. We prefer a much shorter definition. It’s the biggest art extravaganza in West Midlands. Let the numbers do the talking: two weeks, 600 artists, 110 venues, nearly 80 exhibitions and 50 art presentations, 100 private art studios, workshops and galleries open to the public, 35 000 visitors. Are you impressed yet? You should be! The first h.Art festival has been created in 2001 and 2012 marked its 11th edition. The festival is organized by h.Art board in partnership with Herefordshire Council and NHS Herefordshire.
If you’d like to read more about the festival please take a look at the following links:
Official website:http://h-art.herefordshire.gov.uk/
It was simply impossible for us to visit all places, but we did our best to see as much as we could.
This year, the most interesting things were happening in the same heart of the city. On the 8th and 9th of September, the main square has been turned into an art market. Nearly 40 artists shared their secrets and techniques with the audience and offered their creation for sale. It was amazing to see the craftsmen at work with our own eyes, we have learnt so much just by looking at them!
Let us present some of the artist that we spoken to during the Artist market.
Sharon McSwiney – metal work and jewelery with a unique sense of humour
Her website: http://www.sharonmcswiney.co.uk/
Store: http://uk.etsy.com/shop/SharonMcSwiney
Metal worker, jeweller and designer, Sharon McSwiney has more than 20 years of experience in the business. For the last 10 years, she has been running a successful private workshop in converted farm building at The Fold in Bransford, Worcestershire. Sharon specializes in designing contemporary jewellery, animal brooches and creating decorative wall panels & plaques. She mastered the use of silver, copper and brass. Sharon is also a talented illustrator. Her works have been exhibited all over Europe.
Sharon Mc Swiney presenting her artwork on her stand

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