Sunday, 27 January 2013

Vintage finds...

On Friday we popped into The Furniture Emporium on Upper Tything in Worcester...I know we should really be buying more 'stuff' with our plans to move this year BUT couldn't resist a vintage coffee set (more on that in a day or so...when we have decided where to put it!).
What was just as exciting as the ceramics was the box it came in!! It was wrapped in this fabulous old paper...the colours had faded & were a little crumbled/stained in places but I love the 3 kings design...

However...when I lifted the box up the colours on the base were obviously more like the original finish.  Not sure of the date 1960s perhaps? 

 Another little find in the same shop was these ceramic cats to add to my collection.  They are not purrrrfect (!) but I really don't mind the little nicks to the ears/tail - gives them more character 

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