Saturday, 2 February 2013

Week 4 of felt...

So the felting fun continues...
This was week 4 - I still decided to continue with the texture experiments as apposed to a 'form' (unlike Tim who has made a couple of 'pods' - when he's done the third I'll post a picture of the set) - might even have a go myself next week!?
This piece had the addition of some silk threads applied to the felt surface...very, very fine silk which stuck to my rough metal working hands! The effect is quite random but it delicate silk adds further interest to the surface.  As most of the pieces I've done so far have been using natural colours I thought I'd add a bit more colour this time:

This piece I had made some what I call 'rats tails' of felt which were laid onto the wool surface before felting...I really like the way the pieces move & curve during the felting you are never quite sure what the end result will be!

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