Sunday, 24 March 2013

Trade catalogue


Settled back into work mode now after my 3 week break!
Before I moved to my Bransford studio at The Fold I used to exhibit at trade shows twice a year.  This was where I made my gallery contacts & supplied small independent outlets with my work.  Although I never intended it to happen I have kind of let things slip a little...when you do not show at events people forget about you!!

Soooo...this weekend I've finally got around to producing a small trade catalogue for some for the galleries I have supplied in the past - plus hopefully some new ones!?

If any retailer would like to receive a copy of my jewellery brochure please email or give me a call & I'll get one to you ASAP.

Any of my retail customers interested in buying jewellery can view a selection of my work on Etsy here.

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