Monday, 26 August 2013

Vintage card games....

Recently I've purchased a number of old card games...I really like the style of some of the old illustrations.  I don't actually remember some of the games myself?

I've made really nice greetings cards from some of the designs when there are more than one of each but will probably frame some of my favourite images.

Of course The Magic Roundabout was one of my favourite tea time programmes in the 1970s, I still have some items from that era; Annuals etc but I didn't have the snap cards until now!

Animal Grab
HP Gibson & Sons Ltd, London

Cuckoo Game
Designed & illustrated by Veronica Barge
Dinosaur Publications 1976

Arrow Games No6168
Made in England

Made in Hong Kong

Magic Roundabout Snap
Medallion Foreign

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