Monday, 2 September 2013

September...A new 12 month project starts...

Day 1

I have decided to set myself a little challenge for the next 12 months...after all now we have moved house, studio & shop this year I'm looking for something to keep me busy!!!

Inspired by an article written by Susannah Conway on exploring the senses in Simple Things magazine, she suggests opening your eyes to the colours around you.  As I work with metal the colour palette is a little limited (lots of reds/oranges/pinks & golds) but I do have a love of colour.  

So I have chosen 12 different colours for each month.  Some of which I've tried to reflect the season at the time. My aim to produce a sketchbook/photography record each month.  I will share my images on here & on my Facebook page. The photographs will be taken during that month rather than using images from my extensive photographic collection!  I want to look at my surroundings & notice things I've maybe missed before on a daily basis.  The great thing about camera phones is that you can always snap something you see straight away.  I'll scan in my sketch book pages from time to time as well.  I don't promise to post a picture every single day for a year but I will do my very best!

I intend to stretch myself by selecting colours which are not my favourites...although I have started with an easier one for this month (& next!)...

The year will work out as follows:

September YELLOW
October ORANGE
November GREY
December RED
January WHITE
February BROWN
March BLUE
August BLACK

So yesterday I made a start around the house....


So day 2 is actually quite a good one for yellow.  I shall also look at packaging, road signs, clothing, paints etc.

Day 2

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