Friday, 31 January 2014


Rather challenging to photograph white during these dark grey wet days!  I've also noticed that one day is missing 24th of Jan did not upload so short by one day (it was only a laundry basket so not very exciting!)  Also the layout is behaving strangely today but I'm going to leave it as I'm just glad the computer is working after a couple of days this week when it decided to have a little snooze...can't blame it with this weather wish I could too!
February will be BROWN....





Book a week: Street Covers

Street Covers by Jacopo Pavesi & Roberta Pietrobelli published by Westzone

My book this week is a visual reference book of photographs of manhole covers around some major cities!  Namely London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam & Berlin.
I've had this book for some years & it's nice to have a proper look at it again.
Some of the patterns are very inspiring these are a few of my favourites in the book so far.....

You can get a copy via Amazon here   I will definitely be walking with my head down checking the metalwork the next week or so....if I spot anything interesting I'll post on here!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Book a week number 4...

My next book should hopefully prove useful not only at home but also in my retail space too.  I am rather a collector of 'stuff'...this ranges from magazine cuttings & greetings cards, (which eventually get collated into 'source books' - of which I have many, I currently have a Christmas one & everyday one on the go.  I usually post a couple of images of some of my favourite pages from time to time) to bits of rust, shells & stones, feathers, old keys, cat brooches, Bob Dawe ceramics, & Orla Kiely anything!  I take joy in the display of these items & feel that pieces look better in groups, repetition creates a stronger impact....I just maybe need a larger house!?

Creative Walls by Geraldine James is available here.....
it's a beautiful book full of inspiring photographs & ideas.

I was discussing my 'Book a week' project with a lady at the weekend while we were looking through some art books for sale at the Crypt Gallery's table top sale (another one this weekend by the way). She was saying how she had so many art books that she's not properly read...I of course explained my plan for 2014 & how it is allowing me to focus on one book at a time & not to feel guilty about the books sat waiting on the shelves.  I also felt ok about adding to my collection with a Peter Blake Collage book to read at a later date....

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Another creative Sunday....

Today was another chance for me to try a technique I've not used before.  A rag rug workshop was being held at the new Barnoon Workshops in St Ives (actually an old toilet block which has recently opened as a creative venue in the town - you would never know it was once full of loos!).

The workshop was being run by textile artist Jo McIntosh who has a passion for colour & texture.  She started by giving a brief history of rag rug making before letting us loose on her fabulous bag of fabrics!  After deciding on a simple design for a first attempt & being shown the technique required we made a start....the 3 hour workshop flew by & what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  We have all promised to continue with our pieces - they will certainly be a labor of love & I now appreciate the time & effort involved in making these pieces

What a great setting for a venue.....

The hessian base

Deciding on colours

Inspiration from the books supplied...

Cutting the strips of fabric

The Technique!

Ready to start

Everyone working hard....

T-shirt fabric works well

Zoe has a lot of work to do over the next few months!

Starting to fill in the flower..

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Making shapes!

While at mum's over Christmas I collected these lovely old vintage wooden shapes.  Mum remembered playing with them as a child & I also have a memory of making patterns...
what a lovely thing to keep.
I just had a little arrange on the scanner & I will come back to this I think...?

The box that the wooden pieces had been stored in was a beautiful old notelets box...slightly damaged on the top but the sides still show the gorgeous colours & patterns: