Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lovely Lino....

Towards the end of last year my mum had a new bathroom fitted & while the new floor was being prepared they discovered this old linoleum underneath the existing flooring....the house was built in the 1950s so I imagine this was the original floor covering.  Mum saved me a few pieces as she thought I'd be interested in the colours & patterns.  There are some paint speckles on certain areas but other than that in pretty good condition.....rather groovy I think!

Wikipedia has this to say....

Linoleum (informally abbreviated to lino) is a floor covering made from renewable materials such as solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate, most commonly on a burlap or canvas backing; pigments are often added to the materials.
The finest linoleum floors, known as 'inlaid', are extremely durable; they were made by joining and inlaying solid pieces of linoleum. Cheaper patterned linoleums came in different grades or gauges, and were printed with thinner layers which were more prone to wear and tear. Good quality linoleum is sufficiently flexible to be used in buildings in which more rigid material (such as ceramic tile) would crack.

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