Sunday, 12 January 2014

Needle felting workshop

Today's been brilliant fun taking part in a workshop being held at the St Ives School of Painting.  The host was Rebecca McDonald who has recently being showing 'Under the wild stars' at the New Craftsman Gallery also in town. The exhibition featured amazing needle felted animal creations; bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits all of which have taken HOURS of work (having had a little go today I now appreciate exactly HOW long!).
Examples of Rebecca's work.....

Today was a chance to learn some of the techniques....
Starting with a needle & some fleece we started to stab the wool, 
working over & over to matt the fibres together..

My piece turned into a rabbit...I'd not planned that!?

My bunny head....with the addition of coloured wool to create the features

Tim's acorn...
  Display of participants first pieces..
After lunch we did some sketches of what we'd like to make...
of course I decided on a cat what else!!

Everyone working very hard!
The cat takes shape...starting with the head

Amazing - it stands up even with those legs!

My cat needs a lot more work yet but I've given it some features to start...
not sure what its name is yet though?

Tim's piece was very ambitious! 
A large seagull...lots of effort to get to this stage in 3 hours.  More work required too but I think it will be fab when finished. They really seem to come to life & would make great animations???  We we all given a little handmade bag of additional fleece & got to keep the needles so we can carry on at home...I think I need to let my wounds heal first! (Only stabbed myself about 3 times so not bad going!)

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