Thursday, 2 January 2014

New year....another new project

A book a week......

After moving all my many books earlier this year when we relocated to Cornwall I realised that there are several lovely books which I have not really looked at properly!  I get very excited by new books when I first get them, usually scan through them, then they will sit on the coffee table or next to the bed for a while until eventually they get squeezed onto the bookshelf....& then not usually looked at again (shameful I know!) so I've made the decision to rectify this!

The plan is to choose one of my art/design/cook/nature books & concentrate on that one book for the following week.  I may not be able to read the book entirely in that time span but I can always revisit the book after the project or it may be that I decide to extend the time to 2 weeks - I will see how things go....

My hope is that this project will inspire some new designs, help to plan some days out, or to try some new recipes etc.

So.....the first book of this new idea is: 

The Uppercase Directory of Illustration 
I purchased this book from the Tate bookshop earlier this year but it can also be found here.

The book gives an insight into 100 illustrators & their working practice; examples of their work/inspiration/ideas.

“Being a professional illustrator is a full-time job that goes beyond the mainstream nine-to-five: tough deadlines mean working through the night. Flashes of inspiration can happen anytime, so your sketchbook is an indispensable appendage. You might spend innumerable hours secluded in your studio, or perhaps you’re a regular at the local coffeeshop. Chances are, your work and your life are one and the same and you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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