Monday, 31 March 2014

Come along & say hello!

Creative Textiles week 4

I'm so enjoying the weekly textile course I'm taking part in....last week was rag rug making.  You may recall from an earlier post I attended a workshop in January with Jo McIntosh - I am still working on the piece from then - I think it may be a 12 month project!  However this small sample I was able to complete in a couple of sessions.  Once again based on my original collage - I particularly like the striped section; a bit like a caterpillar!  This week we are knitting (!???) with more than wool which should be interesting as I don't knit - but then again I didn't rag rug before either....

Monday, 24 March 2014

Book a week: Robert Tavener

 I remember buying this book while on a short break in Suffolk...I think it was a bookshop in Aldeburgh (lovely place to visit).  I wasn't that familiar with Robert Tavener's work having only really seen a couple of his images reproduced as greetings cards...I must say I do admire it now.  The use of line & the colour combinations, stylised images really appeal to me. I've included some of my particular favourites from the book below.  You can find more information on Robert Tavener 1920 - 2004 on Emma Mason's British Printmakers website where you can also purchase this book. It's published by bread & butter press - great name!

This is the last image included in the book - love the trees & bird!

A Garden full of unfurling flowers in the Guild of Ten

Yesterday I popped over the Truro to the Guild of Ten to do my first window display with jeweller Daisy Dunlop.  We will have our work featured until April 14th.  It was nice to use my grandad's old watering cans! The painted twigs were a little messy to do but show of the verdigris birdies nicely.  It's quite hard to photograph from the outside due to the reflections but will try at a different time of day...Daisy has created an innovative display with raised discs over spring bulbs which will 'unfurl' over the next couple of weeks hopefully!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Creative Textiles

Last night was week 3 of the creative textile course: Felt work Having done some felt work before at the Worcester Arts workshop before we moved I was familiar with the process however I had not made such a 'considered' piece before.  It looks a bit like a landscape.
This was based on my original collage piece from week 1. There was a good choice of felt colours & I'm really pleased with the completed piece.  It measures approx 20cm x 20cm.  I did introduce some of the wool I had leftover from last week too at the top section.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Textiles week 2

It was week 2 of the textile course last night.  We were working from the collage completed last week as inspiration.  Tutor Jo McIntosh had brought in a fabulous selection of yarns for us to use - very cleverly remembering the colours we had all used in our collages.  Initially we did some yarn wrapping choosing threads which represented the colours in our collage.  In each group of yarns we varied the proportions of the colour & moved the arrangements to see how the colours  reacted differently when next to each other.  Quite a simple process but actually really enjoyable!  After working on this for a while we were set loose on the weaving process...learning about warp & weft!

Threading up a small piece of mount board with our warp we proceeded to weave some of our chosen yarns the end of the evening I had a little textured piece which I'm quite pleased with.  I found the process very satisfying & quite immediate (always a good thing for me!) I think I would like to work on a slightly larger scale wall hanging maybe at some point??? 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Book a week - Paul Klee

My book this week is about the artist Paul Klee. Unfortunately I did not make it to see the recent exhibition at The Tate of his work but it did prompt me to select this book & revisit some of the images.... the pictures below are some of my favourites from this publication: beautiful colours & patterns.  
The book was published by Park Lane in 1993.  There are lots of books available on this artist here
Unstable Balance 1922

Senecio 1922

Composition 1914
Paul Klee is a giant of twentieth-century art and one of the great creative innovators of the time.
Witty, inventive, magical, his exquisite paintings resist easy classification. He is mentioned in the same breath as MatissePicasso and his Bauhaus contemporary Kandinsky. He cuts a radical figure in European modernism. His influence on abstraction can be seen in the works of RothkoMiró and beyond. And yet, for an artist of such stature, there is still so much to discover about him.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Book a week...Stig Lindberg

This weeks book is a bit tricky to read as it is written in Swedish! I love the work of Stig Lindberg & unfortunately do not own any pieces as it is very collectable & therefore commands a high price.  This book has many illustrations of his work & I've posted a few of my favorites....I think I found this book in Ebay a couple of years ago. You may be able to find one here

Stig Lindberg (August 17, 1916 in UmeåSweden–April 7, 1982 in San Felice CirceoItaly) was a Swedish ceramic designer, glass designer, textile designer, industrial designer, painter, and illustrator.

One of Sweden's most important postwar designers, Lindberg created whimsical studio ceramics and graceful tableware lines during a long career with the Gustavsberg pottery factory. Stig Lindberg studied painting at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. In 1937, he went to work at Gustavsberg under Wilhelm Kåge. In 1949, he was named Kåge's successor as art director. From this period until he left Gustavsberg in 1980, he designed individual ceramic items, as well as factory produced ranges and lines of dinnerware. He achieved fame for his eccentric forms and whimsical decoration. In 1982, he died due to a myocardial infarction.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Creative Textile Course

Last night was the first session of a 10 week textile course I am taking part in at the Barnoon Workshop in St Ives.  The workshops are being run by local crafts woman Jo McIntosh (who I did the rag rug workshop with earlier this year).  We will be exploring weaving, felt making, knitting, dyeing, silk painting, batik, stitching & embroidery among other things! It's nice to spend a couple of hours 'playing' with other materials & to meet other like minded people.  I will keep you posted about my efforts over the next few weeks.....

This week we selected an image from a magazine & using a viewfinder concentrated on an area of the image which appealed to us.  We then created a collage using torn/cut papers from the magazines to represent the image.  These are not colours I would usually pick but I thought the textures were interesting.  Next week we will be exploring yarn wrapping & weaving based on the palette of colours from this week.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Book a week continues....

I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by.......

I joined the library in St Ives on Saturday & I'm really impressed by the brilliant selection of art/design/craft books available - some of which very recent publications (I came away with 7 books!) so along with this project I am now reading Grayson Perry Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl by Wendy Jones which I'm finding very enjoyable so far....however I still intend to work through my own book collection & try not to get distracted by the books borrowed from the library!

So my book this week (which is actually last week's! as I work Wed - Wed on this project)......

Colours of the Indus
Costume & Textiles of Pakistan
Nasreen Askari and Rosemary Crill available here
I found the original receipt inside the book from Jan 1998...I do remember going to the V&A to see the exhibition.

I often look at textiles for inspiration for my work.  I can definitely see why I was drawn to the colours, patterns & textures of this wonderful collection of fabrics.  

I'm starting my evening class textile adventure this week so I might take along this book as will be nice to look at these colours & patterns again.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Another month of colour has come to an end.....
I'm not sure if I enjoyed the brown challenge!?  I think March's GREEN will be fresher!