Monday, 24 March 2014

Book a week: Robert Tavener

 I remember buying this book while on a short break in Suffolk...I think it was a bookshop in Aldeburgh (lovely place to visit).  I wasn't that familiar with Robert Tavener's work having only really seen a couple of his images reproduced as greetings cards...I must say I do admire it now.  The use of line & the colour combinations, stylised images really appeal to me. I've included some of my particular favourites from the book below.  You can find more information on Robert Tavener 1920 - 2004 on Emma Mason's British Printmakers website where you can also purchase this book. It's published by bread & butter press - great name!

This is the last image included in the book - love the trees & bird!

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Tony M said...

Hi Sharon. I've got this book too. Just love it. I grew up with this imagery which was so much the zeitgeist and I get such a nostalgic glow from it all. It has influenced me a lot with my printmaking. If you look at the back of the book you'll Worcester Art Gallery has two prints. So I contacted them for a viewing and after 6 months finally got to see one of them as the other had gone "missing" sometime in the 80's. It was an amazing piece of printmaking. Fancy you liking it too. Tx