Thursday, 13 March 2014

Textiles week 2

It was week 2 of the textile course last night.  We were working from the collage completed last week as inspiration.  Tutor Jo McIntosh had brought in a fabulous selection of yarns for us to use - very cleverly remembering the colours we had all used in our collages.  Initially we did some yarn wrapping choosing threads which represented the colours in our collage.  In each group of yarns we varied the proportions of the colour & moved the arrangements to see how the colours  reacted differently when next to each other.  Quite a simple process but actually really enjoyable!  After working on this for a while we were set loose on the weaving process...learning about warp & weft!

Threading up a small piece of mount board with our warp we proceeded to weave some of our chosen yarns the end of the evening I had a little textured piece which I'm quite pleased with.  I found the process very satisfying & quite immediate (always a good thing for me!) I think I would like to work on a slightly larger scale wall hanging maybe at some point??? 

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