Sunday, 6 April 2014

Textiles week 5...can't knit?

I approached this week's session with slight trepidation....I had a very vague memory of being taught to knit at a very young age? My gran was a very keen knitter & I have a lovely Tom Kitten she made! I also remember not taking to knitting particularly as I made the stitches too tight & then couldn't get the needles in!!

However Jo assured me a I would be able to cast on, off & knit some stitches by the end of the class...hmmm I thought!
However much to my surprise I did manage to create something....the idea was not to work with wool so we were using string, ribbons, raffia, plastics, fabric to knit with.  I rather like the different textures but some of the materials were easier to use than others of course - I wasn't brave enough to try the copper wire I had taken (maybe at a later date...)

When I got home I thought I would see if I could remember what I'd been taught - it look a few attempts to cast on again but I managed it & did a little sampler using different types of string.

When I got home on Friday I had a present waiting from Tim....I think he's hoping I might be able to make him a hat (it might take me sometime?????)

We have a 2 week break for Easter now so the next session is not until 23rd April when we will be exploring dying fabrics.

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