Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cirencester Hare Festival

Today was a day off - hurrah! Thankfully the sun was shining as we had planned a visit to the Cirencester Hare Festival

 There was a map available but we were informed that some of the hares had 'moved' & not all were listed so it made life interesting....we managed to find 11 of the large sculptures around the town plus some smaller versions in some of the shops, including a chocolate version!

The Festival continues until September 14th so there is still plenty of time to visit if you are in the area.

I just about managed to find a small space on the 'Peoples Hare'...apparently this was the second version as the first had also been filled up!

While we were in Cirencester of course we had to visit Brewery Arts! This little felt hare pebble made by Lindsey Tyson needed to come home with me...a nice way to remember the day

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