Monday, 20 October 2014

Mixed Media Workshop

On Saturday I returned to Newlyn to take part in another creative day...'Cloth, Paper, Thread, a mixed media workshop'.  It is so lovely to have the opportunity to explore different creative ideas with other like minded people.  Linda is a brilliant tutor who shows you the techniques but gives you the freedom to work with your own ideas.  Some of you may know I have recently been given a sewing machine for my birthday...I have approached it with some nervousness but know that confidence will come with practice! I had a little go with the machine available on Saturday but actually the hand stitching felt more appropriate for these pieces.
There are other workshops available & info can be found at

Layers of different fabrics put together for textures...

The centerpiece is a small print by Lotta Jansdotter 
(a free gift with Selvedge magazine many moons ago!)

I want to continue with this piece later... 
My third piece uses a bird postcard as one of the main elements...I printed the background of the fabric using stencils & a stamp for the bird motif

Stitching around the leaves & adding buttons....

Almost finished!

After the session at the Newlyn Centre I popped along to the Art Gallery to see the new exhibition...I really loved the work of Marc Messenger on display: 'Existed' which were small sculptures constructed from lots of natural bits & pieces.  The lighting really added to the effect of a whole wall full of these mini artworks.


Sue Brown said...

Super yummy, I hope you are going to add stich pieces to your body of work? XX

Sally MacCabe said...

What a lovely blog! Lovely work Sharon... can't wait to see it in the flesh. I hope I can make it over to see the exhib too as it looks fascinating.