Saturday, 28 February 2015

Seaweed trees......

As I had some spare etching of my seaweed pieces, plus some ready cut little blocks, I had the idea to make some display props for my cabinets....these could also be used as jewellery 'trees'. I love the interesting shadows they create (the sun was out for a while when I was photographing them :-) I hope it is bright this coming week as I need to take pictures of pieces to list on Etsy!)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A new look limpet

This week I have completed a selection of my limpet jewellery range in an alternative finish to the oxidised or bright silver versions...the new shells have been cast in brass & then given a bronzing treatment which darkens the surface.  This is rubbed back & then the pieces are lacquered.  Rather than using silver findings I thought these looked better with gold plated hooks & chains. 

Prices from £28 - £70 available from the Drill Hall shop & The Guild of Ten. I plan to list some in my Etsy shop when I have more stock available in the next couple of weeks....
Prussia studs

Marazion cufflinks
Prussia Cove pendant


Large limpet necklace

Medium limpet drops

Tiny limpet studs

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Inch by Inch

Today has been another workshop day at Newlyn - I do so enjoy these days! There is a different session every month & you can find more information here....

The idea of working on such a small scale appealed to me, as of course jewellery is small however when the 'inchies' were in front of me I was surprised just how small an inch actually is!!!
I used some of my new Gelliplate prints that I've done this week....

An embossing powder was added which created a lovely glaze over the papers...the pieces almost look like tiles or enamels

 Next I tried some more colourful versions again with prints & some texture paste sample pieces...these haven't been embossed (yet?)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

A verdigris kind of day....

It's been a beautiful day down here in St Ives today so we decided to go for a walk along the coastal path to Carbis Bay...along the way we took a slight detour to Porthminster Point.  So glad that we went down that way! There is a pebble beach but the access was a little tricky (may be better when the tide is out?) we had spotted the fantastic green colours on the rock so wanted to get a better look.  This involved a rather undignified scramble down the rocks for me (also too 2 attempts because I was chicken!) but wow it was worth it....There must be a copper seam running through the rocks causing the amazing colouration. As you can see LOTS of photos were taken.  I've printed a few of them out for inspiration for some verdigris panels - not sure I can achieve the vivid greens seen here though?

As we continued to Carbis Bay the railway bridge also offered some colour & texture....

Last night I had a little go on the sewing machine(I'm still a real novice!) but the colours I used are very appropriate for today's theme!