Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fresh Air Sculpture Exhibition 2015

Monday was a fabulous day & we made an early start to make the most of the exhibition at Quenington Old Rectory in Gloucestershire.  Fresh Air is a bi-annual event which I first visited 4 years ago. This is the 12th time this stunning show has taken place. The setting is so fabulous, beautiful grounds & gardens & the careful placing of such a variety of sculptures means there is something to appeal to everyone. Some of the pieces are part of a permanent collection but the majority are for sale as part of the event. I took a vast amount of photographs of course. I would recommend purchasing the guide as the pieces are only numbered on site, to find out the artist, materials & price you'll need the catalogue.
The images below are a selection of my favourite pieces...on several photographs I am only giving you a hint of the sculpture as I really think you should visit them & see for yourself if possible! The event has only just started & is on daily until Sunday 5th July.  More information can be found on the website

When I get chance (& I'm not so tired from Cheltenham Open Studios - still happening by the way - time to visit only half way through...) I will try to add the artist details to the sculptures!

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