Friday, 20 May 2016

THE MEMORY TREE at Cornwall Hospice

Some time ago I was approached by Cornwall Hospice Care with an idea for a Memory Tree to be created for the Quiet Room at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell.  I initially did some design ideas for a copper tree loosely based on a oak tree which fitted in well with the etched metal leaves I already produce. The idea being that people can have a lasting tribute to a loved one in the form of a leaf which will have a special name tag added.  This will then be displayed on the tree where it will remain for 12 months. After this period the leaf will be given in back in a presentation box. 

After time funding was secured by the kind sponsorship of Paul Bourton Funeral Service  also in St Austell.

The challenge to make the tree then began! As I usually work on quite a small scale this would be the largest piece I had attempted to date...
Artwork drawings for the leaf etching to be produced in copper & brass.

It was just as well I had sorted out my studio space in January as the tree was going to take up quite a lot of space! I started by roughly laying out the copper pieces which I'd cut out.  Then the sections needed to be textured to represent the bark. 

Texture was created with lots of hammering to create the 'bark'

The pieces needed to be annealed, after they had work hardened by the hammering process, which also develops the rich colours on the copper.
Some small birds & some leaves were soldered on so the tree did not look 'bare' before the addition of the other 'memory' pieces.
Completing the last sections....

I also made a plaque to display alongside the tree with suspended leaves.

After riveting the pieces together we needed to make a baton to attach the tree to the wall.  The tree could not be assembled fully until we were in the space.

The completed tree!

The Memory Tree is a exclusive way in which to remember a loved one. There are six designs of handcrafted leaves to choose from all of which can be in either copper or brass tones.
For more information please call Clare on 01726 66868 or email


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Wendy Rhodes said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful concept. xx