Saturday, 27 August 2016

Metalwork Panel Workshop

I had a busy day yesterday with a group of 4 lovely people in my garden studio.  I usually only have 3 people at a time but as they were all friends they didn't mind it being 'cosy'!
We were doing the Small Panel Full Day workshop & a couple of the participants already had some great design ideas when they arrived. 
Working in copper & brass they all had a go at lots of techniques including, embossing, saw piercing, hammering & texturing, heating & soldering (due to the time restrictions I usually complete most of the soldering for people but I do like them to have a go too!).

A fun day was had by all & some really great work was produced.  It's really interesting to see how different people approach the project, some like to carefully plan everything out on paper before hand while others (more like me!) like to be hands on & get straight on with working with the materials. 

These are the finished pieces....


I am running another panel workshop this Friday & then taking bookings for the rest of the year.  Please contact me if you would like to have a go too!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sea Journal Exhibition this week....

Yesterday we popped into the Crypt Gallery in St Ives to see the wonderful 'Sea Journal' exhibition by Lisa Woollett.  This is only on until this Friday 26th August so you've got to be quick!

We were already familiar with Lisa's work as I had bought Tim the 'Sea & Shore Cornwall' book a while ago....this fabulous exhibition features images from the latest publication 'Sea Journal' - stunning photography & lots of interesting information...We are really looking forward to reading it & expanding our knowledge of the creatures that live on our shores

Lisa is stewarding the show herself so is on hand to talk about her work - it really is a joy to see her collections of shoreline finds...the little cabinets & framed pieces are right up our street! 


After seeing the show we actually felt really inspired to showcase some of our own beach finds (of which there are many...) & as luck would have it we located a lovely little Indian cabinet in a local shop.  This was put up today & now includes some special finds...the plan is to change the pieces once a month & theme them depending on the time of year (this is the theory anyway...we'll see!?)

Our very own 'Cabinet of Collections'

The Crypt Gallery is just off the harbour behind the Sloop & underneath the Mariners Gallery. 
Open 11am - 5pm this week