Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Memory Tree at St Julia's....

I recently completed a second Memory Tree for Cornwall Hospice Care. This one was installed at St Julia's Hospice in Hayle.  I thought you might be interested to see the process involved in creating such a large piece of metalwork....
It all started with a paper template made to scale. This was too large to fit in my studio so I had to lay it out in the garden.
Next we visited St Julia's again to check I had got the size & design correct for the space.  The tree was to be a permanent fixture in the quiet room.

Once I was happy that the design would work I began marking out the branches onto copper sheet.  Using very large shears I cut out the sections a few at a time (made my hand ache using such big tools compared to my usual jewellery snips!).

When I had the sections ready I began to heat them to alter the colour using my blow torch.  I was also annealing the pieces to enable me to shape them into 3D branches.  The hammering created textures on the surface to represent bark.  Some of the branches also had leaves, acorns or birds soldered on.

I riveted the sections together as they were to large for me to solder.  Next came the nerve wracking part as we assembled the tree on site.  Thankfully it when together smoothly!

 The tree is now finished & ready for additional leaves to be added over time....The idea that loved ones can be remembered with an individual leaf.  These can be ordered from Cornwall Hospice Care & I will make them with the addition of a tag with the person being remembered name on.

There are 6 leaf designs to choose from:
Acer in brass

Acer in copper

Beech in copper/brass

Horse chestnut in brass

Horse chestnut in copper

Ivy in brass/copper

Oak in copper/brass

Sycamore in brass

Sycamore in copper

If you would like to see examples of the leaves or have further questions please contact Clare Bray on 01736 66868 or email

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